New Balance Leadville V3 Running Shoe Review

If you run regularly, then having the right running shoe is essential for your comfort and to avoid any short or long term injury. But find the right running shoes can be time-consuming, and a little overwhelming at times as there are so many to choose from. One very popular and good quality running shoe that we are going to take a closer look at in this article is the New Balance Leadville V3 running shoe.

New Balance

The New Balance Leadville V3 is not only designed for people who are serious or recreational runners, but also for those that have back, knee or foot problems. The amount of support and cushioning they provide for your feet is what you need in order to be able to focus purely on your running and not have to worry about getting injured and having your feet get sore.

The great thing about the New Balance Leadville running shoes is that they have been able to find that balance between ample support for your feet, ankles and joints, while still being able to make the shoe light and flexible so that they do not restrict your running ability or freedom of movement. Your feet will also be able to breathe when wearing these shoes, which is also another important factor, especially if you like to clock up the miles each week on your training sessions.

Materials used to make the shoes

The design sole of the New Balance V3 is dominated with Single Density Polyurethane, a durable material that can provide premium cushioning for your foot. For the upper part, these shoes use soft suede to accommodate various foot shapes. The use of suede material is also the reason for the retro style of these shoes.

Open Mesh is also used in the upper to enhance breathability and reduce the overall weight of these shoes. With the Open Mesh, you can run 5+ miles comfortably without experiencing hot feet. These shoes also come with dual density collar foam to keep your heel in place and add additional comfort.

For the outsole, the Leadville V3 uses two types of rubbers to increase cushioning and comfort. The blown rubber runs along the outsole, which functions to enhance the responsiveness of these shoes. The Ndurance rubber, a high quality carbon rubber, is used in the heel and lateral side of the outsole.

New Balance Leadville v3

Excellent durability

As you may have known, New Balance is well-known for durability of their shoes, and also for making shoes that fit many different sizes of feet really well. The New Balance V3 uses SL-1 shoe last, meaning that these shoes come with standard heel width, toe-box height and forefoot width.

Since people have different foot widths, New Balance offer the V3 in three different widths: 4E = extra wide, 2E = wide and D = medium. The shoe will also mold around your foot, so it will become more and more comfortable the more you wear it.

Weight of the shoe

The overall weight of these shoes is 13.4 oz, which is pretty light considering the build of the shoe. They feel very unrestricting when you run in them, so if you like to run long distances you should not get any fatigue from these shoes after a few miles, as you do with others.

Arch support

For people who have back, knee or foot problems, the arch support of running shoes is the key to being able to enjoy a pain free run. The New Balance Leadville V3 provides good cushioning that makes mild to moderate overpronators the ideal wearer for these shoes.

The V3 comes with ABZORB SBS, ACTEVA, and Encap to provide premium cushioning. The ABZORB SBS is top line foam that helps to increase the underfoot cushioning in the forefoot while the ACTEVA is quality foam that provides long-lasting underfoot cushioning. The Encap functions to enhance the durability and stability of these shoes.

Color range available

Grey is the most common color for the Leadville V3, but there are three others colors that you can choose: beige with white, black with grey and white, and navy with grey and white. If you love red color, you can choose NYC 990 special edition, which is available in red. Additionally, if you only want to wear “Made in USA” shoes, choosing the Leadville V3 is the right decision because this shoe edition is 100% manufactured in the USA.

New Balance Leadville V3

Final thoughts on the New Balance Leadville V3

As a conclusion, comfortable, sturdy and well-made are perhaps the best words to represent the New Balance Leadville V3. Although these shoes are intended for serious runners, the V3 can be a good runners choice for walking and all around use too.