Top 10 Exotic Flowers For Gardening Part 1

When it comes to gardening it can be difficult to find something distinctive when it comes to flowers. There are thousands of different types of flowers out there, but when it comes to something unusual and different, one might want to try exotic flowers. Although exotic flowers can be high maintenance, the beauty of these plants far outweighs the extra time needed to take care of them, so we are going to talk about what we think are the top ten exotic flowers for gardening.

Exotic Flowers

Our first choice for exotic flowers for gardening is the Canna flower, or Canna Lily, although this is not a true lily, as the closest relative to this plant is actually the ginger or banana. It is quite a sizeable plant with vibrant colors and large attractive foliage, and although it is really a tropical plant, most types have been cultivated in cooler climates. This plant will grow in most countries now as long as you get at least six to eight hours of sunlight each day during the summer months.

Our second exotic flower for gardening is actually a tulip, not a rare plant, but we are specifically referring to the black tulip, which is known as the Queen of the Night tulip. Although black there is more to it than that, when direct sunlight hits these velvety flowers, you also see deep shades of purple, which really stands out when setting among other colors. This tulip is fairly common, yet many people have never seen one, so if you want an exotic type flower that stands out amongst the crowd this could be what you’re looking for.

The bird of paradise flowers or Strelitzia Reginae are our third choice and is probably one of a unique exotic flowers in the world. The flower itself actually looks like a crane’s head, which is why it is sometimes called the crane flower. It is native to south Africa but can be grown in gardens in warm countries as it does need temperatures above 50 degrees or has to be grown inside.

Fourth on our list of exotic flowers is the extremely colorful Amaryllis, which has a lily-like an appearance and has a very vivid color of reds, or orange, or pink, white bicolor. This plant is a perennial but needs to be planted outdoors only after the last frost has gone as it does need warmer temperatures, and plenty of sunlight to grow. Moreover, these flowers generally bloom between seven, and ten weeks, and bulbs should be planted about one foot apart.

Gardenias are the fifth choice for exotic flowers for gardening due to their potent fragrance and beautiful foliage. These can be hard to grow outside due to the fact; they need high humidity, but they can do well during summer months if you live in warmer climate areas. They generally flower from May through July with very strong scents and have glossy white flowers with dark-green leaves, which is a good talking point if you can get them to grow in the garden.