Top 10 Exotic Flowers For Gardening Part 2

Sixth on our top ten list is Lilacs because of their purple cluster flowers and high fragrance, which can carry quite a long distance. Lilacs have been grown in the states since the 1700s and are still extremely liked with gardeners and almost as popular as roses. The downside with Lilacs is that they only flower for a short period of time, maybe two weeks. In addition, once they flower if there is a dry spell, they are, then gone. However, to prolong flowering lilacs, purchase several varieties as you can, and try to get early, mid and late varieties.

Exotic tropical flowers

Lily of the Valley is our seventh choice, and is almost a wildflower across Europe, but is also very popular across North America and Asia. Grown for its beautiful fragrance it is a very pretty flower with white bell-shaped leaves; they do only last less than a week but do scent a room nicely when put in a vase. These flowers respond best to temperatures between 50, and 60 degrees and make a wonderful addition to other plants and flowers.

The Oriental Lily is eighth on our list and is grown for cut production extensively in the United States. These lilies come in a variety of colors from white, to red, pink and even yellow, and bloom from May, to September. In addition, staggering planting times can sometimes achieve better results of longer flowering times depending on the climate. Lilies have a vase life of up to 14 days, and flowers may be bell-shaped or funnel-shaped.

Ninth on our list of exotic flowers for gardening are orchids, which actually belongs to the largest plant families in the world with over 30,000 species. Although many Orchids originate in the tropics, there are thousands available in most countries around the world today and are extremely popular among gardeners. These beautiful plants are a delight to grow and look well in a vase, as well as the fact they are still a top choice for giving to loved ones.

The Lotus flower is our tenth choice of exotic flowers for gardening and is found in many garden ponds due to the many different colors and variations. It is a sacred plant for many religions and symbolizes fertility, wealth, knowledge, purity, and grace among other things. Furthermore, it is a wonder to see one in full bloom. They are generally white, or pink and are an aquatic perennial, which really sets off a Koi pond with a beautiful fragrance; the Lotus flower will open in the morning, and the petals will start to fall in the afternoon.

When it comes to finding exotic flowers for gardening, the choices are in the thousands and can be difficult. We hope that by reading throughout top ten exotics you may have a better idea of what to get for your precise unique garden. Whatever you choose probably won’t be wrong as they all have their own specific characteristics and are all beautiful in their particular way.