A Guide for Success Self Pack International Movers

When planning for international shipping is certainly becomes difficult things sometimes, especially for people who never do this before. People commonly ask the shipping company to the package. However, there are several people their self-package alone. Actually, there are a lot of things that you must consider for Self Pack International Movers. Here are some tips and tricks for self Pack International Movers.

Selfpack Package

Know First People That Involved in International Mover

Before doing Self Pack International Movers, it will be so much better to know first the people who are involved in the shipment. This is very important for people who just do the international shipment for the first time. In doing international shipment, there are actually three main people that involved.

The Shipper

The shipper here is you, or people that want to do the shipment. Not only being the shipper, you also become the exporter. Therefore, you must understand very well about the responsibility and the rules of your package such as the legality, the charges, documents, import duties, and much more.

The Mover

The mover here is the international shipping company. When choosing for the international movers, it is very important for you to choose the reliable and professional one.

The Agent

An agent is a person from the local company that commonly surveying your package before gives you a quote. The agent also can be your Self Pack International Movers, freight forwarder, move manager, or consolidate warehouse.

Things to consider to be great Self Pack International Movers

When doing self-packing international, there are a lot of things that you must consider. One important thing that you must consider is you have to make sure that your goods are wrapped and packed perfectly. Do not forget to use sturdy boxes when self-packing your goods international. After that, make sure to tape all the sides of the boxes to keep the goods inside secured. However, when doing self-pack international, each stuff is commonly packed differently.

Here are several tips of international self-packaging in a safe way.


For clothes, you can put your clothes in medium or maybe in large boxes. If you do not want to use the box, you can fold it in the suitcase.


If you want to ship heavy books, it is better to pack it in smaller boxes that have lighter weight.


Electronics such as TV, Computer, Refrigerator, etc will be so much better to pack in its original box. If you do not own the original box, you can buy it on the near store. Do not forget to wrap it with bubble wrap before putting the stuff into the box. This will make your package secured.


Lamps would be better to be packed in a cartoon or crushed paper for cushioning. Make sure to use bubble wrap before packing it into the box. Also, do not forget to put the “TOP LOAD” and “FRAGILE” text on the box.


For pictures, wrap it with bubble wrap before putting it into the box. It would be better if you put the pictures into its cartoon first before place into the box.